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May 29 - 2023
Women's Fiction

The Beautiful-Ugly

By James Snyder

Price: $0.00 $3.99

After her parents are killed in an auto accident, a runaway girl goes in search of her missing brother. “Girl, Interrupted” meets “She’s Come Undone”.....

May 29 - 2023

Innocence Taken

By Victoria M. Patton

Price: $0.00 $2.99

When a missing teen’s body shows up dismembered on the side of the road, Lt. Damien Kaine must crush her parent’s hopes of her safe return. The parents are pushing for details and answers. Two things he can’t give. The abduction of a second gir....

May 29 - 2023

Where There’s a Will

By Alex R Carver

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Inspector Stone is tasked with finding Alice Keating and bringing her home safely. Hard enough under normal circumstances, but between investigating an unrelated armed robbery, family problems, and the machinations of an ambitious underling, it's alm....

May 29 - 2023

The Haunted House on Halloween Hill

By Timothy J. Paterson

Price: $0.00 $1.99

Mark didn't believe in ghosts, or haunted houses, but that was about to change when he was dared to spend 24 hours in the haunted house on Halloween Hill.....

May 29 - 2023

Beyond The Veil

By Pippa DaCosta

Price: $0.00 $0.99

After an assassin tries to kill her, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Muse must return to the one man she hoped never to see again and ask for help. The Prince of Greed isn’t known for his charity. His price is high and the cost could te....

May 29 - 2023
Teen and Young Adult

A Duel in Time

By Cidney Swanson

Price: $0.00 $4.99

DaVinci's younger sister Klee has always played second fiddle to her twin Kahlo, but all of that changes when Klee decides to secretly travel back in time to save Alexander Hamilton's son Philip from dying in a duel. Unfortunately Klee didn't read th....

May 29 - 2023
Contemporary Romance

The Wrong Kind of Love

By Lexi Ryan

Price: $0.00 $3.99

You never forget your wedding day. Or the moment your twin sister pukes on your bouquet and confesses she’s pregnant . . . with your fiancé’s baby. I wanted to get away, to hide until my heart mended. I found myself in a strange town with a myst....

May 29 - 2023
New Adult Romance

No More Tears

By Sandy Appleyard

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Laura Warner knows nothing but horses. Her entire life has been lived on a ranch. It’s her love, her dream, and aside from the love of her life, Quentin, it’s the only thing that she ever thinks about. But when tragedy strikes at Kelsey Ranch, La....

May 29 - 2023

Packet Trade

By Darusha Wehm

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Devi Jones is a year away from graduating with a Computer Science degree and it's internship time. But usually the ship part isn’t quite so literal. She gets hired by Really Remote Desktop, a cloud data storage company that keeps their servers in o....

May 29 - 2023
Advice and How-To

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

By Napolean Hill

Price: $0.00 $11.29

A optimistic attitude attracts the excellent and the beautiful by default. Negative thinking will deprive you of everything that makes life worthwhile. How you make up your mind determines your success, health, happiness, and money!....

May 28 - 2023
Action and Adventure

Endangered Species

By Nate Littlefield

Price: $0.00 $2.99

When a team of underwater videographers charter Alex Nolen’s yacht, the SeaStar, to film a documentary, their journey takes them from the Gulf of Mexico to Florida’s long and winding Escambia River. The area is a showcase of natural wonder, offer....

May 28 - 2023

The Birthday

By Carol Wyer

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Leading the investigation is Detective Natalie Ward. A mother of two teenagers, this case chills her to the bone, and is a disturbing reminder of the last job she worked on. One that still keeps her awake at night…....

May 28 - 2023

What Lies Beneath

By Adam Croft

Price: $0.00 $3.99

The killer has gone to extraordinary lengths to make the symbolism clear. And the deaths will continue until Caroline and DS Dexter Antoine uncover the truth behind the dark secret — and what lies beneath.....

May 28 - 2023

The Darkest Vampire

By Juliana Haygert

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Supernaturals around Portland are turning up dead. I’m next … if the vampire I just made a powerful bond with doesn’t kill me first. Magic is in a short supply for a half-witch like me, which makes things very difficult when I’m bound by a bl....

May 28 - 2023
Science Fiction

The Bloodless Assassin

By Celine Jeanjean

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Blackmail an assassin? Who would do such a thing? Someone pretty desperate, that’s who. Which is exactly the position Rory finds herself in.....

May 28 - 2023

The Altar of My Fate

By Michael R. Schultheiss

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Trained to the warrior’s path, Rosteval yearns for glory and craves adventure in unknown lands. Leading the war-band he created, he sets off on a quest to brave a formidable desert and the swords and arrows of a growing number of enemy tribes.....

May 28 - 2023
Teen and Young Adult

Matt Archer: Monster Hunter

By Kendra C. Highley

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Fourteen-year-old Matt Archer spends his days studying Algebra, hanging out with his best friend and crushing on the Goddess of Greenhill High, Ella Mitchell. To be honest, he thinks his life is pretty lame until he discovers something terrifying on ....

May 28 - 2023
Teen and Young Adult

The Forest of Adventures

By Katie M. John

Price: $0.00 $2.99

For college student, Mina Singer, falling for the handsome new boy was never part of the life plan. Especially not one as odd and mysterious, if not ridiculously handsome, as Blake Beldevier. With his out of time chivalry and his over-serious face, M....

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