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Aug 7 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Red Hot

By Cat Johnson

Price: $0.99 $9.99

No doubt about it, Cash Morgan is going to drive me insane, if I’m not already there. Because in the middle of my personal drama in what was formerly a non-existent love life is the fact something wonky is happening at my store. Things going missin....

Aug 6 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Very Irresistible Playboy

By Lila Monroe

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Something tells me I’m about to be way out of my league… and under the most handsome, infuriating man I’ve ever met. But with a fortune on the line, can we beat out his crazy relatives to win the prize? And will our fake relationship be game ov....

Aug 5 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Close to You

By Close to You

Price: $0.00 $4.99

CLOSE TO YOU tells the story of Secret Service Agent CJ Ludzecky, who is assigned to the coveted Vice Presidential Protection Division, guarding the Second Lady of the United States and her two children. After overcoming a rocky start in the Service,....

Aug 4 - 2022
Contemporary Romance


By Rebel Shaw

Price: $0.99 $3.99

When my three-year-old niece, Hadley, needs a guardian, I fill the role and need a nanny. Stat. What I get instead is London Ashford—an infuriating redhead who tempts me at every turn. The harder I push, the more she pushes back. I’m someone used....

Aug 3 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Game Changer

By Stacey Lynn

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Hockey hottie Garrett Dubiak has been my best friend since college and the one constant in my life the past seven years. Through distance, career changes, and other relationships, we’ve always found our way back to each other. Including one wild we....

Aug 2 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Saving the Sheriff (The Hills of Texas Book 1)

By Kadie Scott

Price: $0.99 $3.99

The day his wife died, Sheriff Cash Hill discovered she was leaving him for another man, one she'd loved since before their marriage. How could the single dad ever trust another woman again? But when Georgia's best friend, Holly, comes back to town, ....

Aug 1 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

A Chance Worth Taking

By Bree Kraemer

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Avery Davies is ready to start living. After years of barely getting by while she put herself through school, the time has finally come for her to get what she wants. Starting with a job in the idyllic lake town of Cedarville. Along with the job, she....

Jul 31 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Wicked Naughty Love

By Jennifer Bernard

Price: $0.00 $8.99

This charming harbor town is bursting with stories filled with laughter, danger, and lots of sexy sizzle. Each of the books in this box set is a standalone romance, but you’ll encounter familiar settings and characters (and I do mean characters!) a....

Jul 30 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Getaway Bay Beginnings

By Elana Johnson

Price: $0.00 $9.99

You'll get three full-length, heartwarming and sweet romances in this boxed set. We've got billionaires, helicopter pilots, storms, rundown houses, and new high-rise hotels to create drama on the island. Each book starts a complete series set on Geta....

Jul 29 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Only for the Night

By Ella Sheridan

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Hank has enough trouble on his plate--his band is on the rocks and his muse is off the rails. Adding a spunky, sexy roommate is overload. Even worse, the urge to dominate Sage threatens his hard-won control. But he can't give in. He's seen what happe....

Jul 28 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

True North

By Amy Knupp

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Cole impulsively steps up to be her go-to guy for both. When their fake date is interrupted by a family emergency, having Sierra at his side makes him realize there’s a fine line between alone and lonely and that maybe he’s ready for less of both....

Jul 27 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Southern Sunshine

By Natasha Madison

Price: $0.99 $4.99

Finding out that I was pregnant the night before I left for college changed everything. I left that small town and vowed to never return. When my grandfather died, I had no choice but to go back home. The plan was just for two weeks. I thought it wou....

Jul 26 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Lucie’s Billionaire Cowboy Grace

By Brenda Clemmons & Katie Wyatt

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Jason Harkrider has a lot on his plate managing Wilmont Lodge and Ranch with his six brothers, and being a billionaire only makes it a little bit easier. As much work as it is, though, Jason loves Christmas season at the Lodge the best, and there are....

Jul 25 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Down Deep

By Virna DePaul

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Heath Dawson: football star, gorgeous man candy, and panty-dropper extraordinaire. He was also Camille Pollert’s first crush. But then he humiliated her at a high school football game, confusing her for the waterboy. Now Camille is a football photo....

Jul 24 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Come Back for Me

By Corinne Michaels

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Years have passed, but my feelings are the same, and this time I refuse to let her go. They say you can't bury the past, and they're right. Because when long-ago secrets are exposed, rocking us both to the core, I have no choice but to watch her walk....

Jul 23 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

String of Hearts

By Roxie Clarke

Price: $0.00 $0.99

He’s a popular morning show host who knows nothing about plants, and she’s a plant whisperer in need of extra funds. See? Win-win. That is until people ask if they’re together together, instead of how much and how often they should water their ....

Jul 22 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Lakesides and Longing

By Kimmy Loth

Price: $0.99 $14.99

I keep telling him I’m fine. Even if I can’t drive anymore because of my panic attacks. Even if I wake up screaming every night. Even if someone breaks into my house. That was one too many things for him so now he’s left his meathead bff to wat....

Jul 21 - 2022
Contemporary Romance

Trouble Me

By Eliza Peake

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Emma Reynolds knows how to run a successful company. But when life takes a troubling turn, she finds herself back home and determined to save her family's estate–even if it means working in a winery as a recovering alcoholic. Turns out, her new bos....

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