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Aug 7 - 2022
Historical Romance

When One Door Closes

By Regina Puckett

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Patrick and Ann are delighted to discover that with each offered flower and carriage ride taken, they can’t help but fall in love with each other. But wait – you didn’t expect things to be that easy, did you? Just as Patrick and Ann are ready t....

Aug 6 - 2022
Historical Romance

Rough and Honorable

By Pippa Greathouse

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Her brother Joe seems to be expecting the wild child she once was; does he realize she's a grown woman now? Nate Winchester is waiting too. He's rescued her once already. Who will he see next? Alexandra the beautiful young woman, full of grace and ch....

Aug 5 - 2022
Historical Romance

Mr. Dale and The Divorcée

By Sophie Barnes

Price: $0.99 $5.99

James Dale would never pursue another man’s wife. Or a woman reputed to be a deceitful adulteress. Furious with himself for letting the lovely Mrs. Hewitt charm him, he strives to keep his distance. But when her daughter elopes with his son, they'r....

Aug 4 - 2022
Historical Romance

What the Stubborn Viscount Desires

By Sandra Sookoo

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Vulnerable and trapped, truths are revealed as well as the fragile state of their hearts. But machinations of a madman bent on revenge could destroy a budding romance, and when the specter of death makes an appearance, Jonathan must finally decide wh....

Aug 3 - 2022
Historical Romance

Romancing His English Rose

By Catherine Hemmerling

Price: $0.99 $1.69

Simon discovers that Rose is, in fact, a brilliant sleuth and - even better - hides a delectable body beneath her flowing skirts. Suddenly, falling into bed may be the best idea either has heard, but can Simon convince Rose his romancing is forever?....

Aug 2 - 2022
Historical Romance

Scars of the Heart

By Kristene Holloway

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Adelaide Harris is seeking a new future. Jilted by an unrequited love, she heads West, beginning a new chapter of her life as a mail-order bride in a marriage of convenience, determined to never fall in love again. However, she is about to discover t....

Aug 1 - 2022
Historical Romance

The Perfect Duchess

By Erica Taylor

Price: $0.99 $2.99

What begins as an engagement of convenience quickly turns to a passionate battle of wills between the stubborn duke and his distrusting fiancée. With fate giving them a second chance at love, Andrew and Clara fight to trust in their love, and each o....

Jul 31 - 2022
Historical Romance

The Widow’s Christmas Surprise

By Jenna Jaxon

Price: $0.99 $3.99

As their attraction becomes impossible to resist, Maria flees to London to spend Christmas with her dearest friends, a group of widows who lost their own husbands in the Battle of Waterloo. Little does she know the holidays will reveal a twist of fat....

Jul 30 - 2022
Historical Romance

Lord Hathaway’s Bride

By Suzanna Medeiros

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Sarah is surprised that her new husband can wring unexpected pleasure from her body. But she realizes too late that his kindness has also torn down her emotional barriers. Her determination to protect herself from being hurt again might have pushed J....

Jul 29 - 2022
Historical Romance

Protected by the Companion

By Rose Pearson

Price: $0.99 $2.99

Giles, the Earl of Bargrave, does not want to be in London but since he has promised to chaperone his niece, knows he must keep to his word. Frustrated that the girl has also brought a companion, Giles does his best to ignore her, often reminding her....

Jul 28 - 2022
Historical Romance

Educated by the Earl

By Alexa Aston

Price: $0.99 $3.99

When Major Spencer Haddock’s father dies, he returns to England as the Earl of Middlefield. He seeks a typical ton marriage, where his wife will provide him with an heir and possibly other children and then they go their separate ways. He intends t....

Jul 27 - 2022
Historical Romance

Son of a Duke

By Jessie Clever

Price: $0.00 $0.99

As society’s most capable housekeeper, Eleanora has conquered any number of social disasters. But when a dead body falls right into the middle of her mistress’s ball and her son gets kidnapped, the only person who can help her also forces her to ....

Jul 26 - 2022
Historical Romance

Better Off Wed

By Susanna Craig

Price: $0.99 $7.19

If Miss Laura Hopkins desired a husband, her beauty, brains, and fortune would make it easy to acquire one. Instead, Laura prefers to put her charms to another purpose entirely. Using the alias Lady Sterling, Laura helps young women who have been mis....

Jul 25 - 2022
Historical Romance

A Socialite’s Abduction

By Blythe Carver

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Dylan Sullivan and his business partner, Logan Turner, are just trying to find the money to start their own magazine for men, espousing all the wonderful traits of men while exploring why the female of the species is so inept. It doesn’t take long ....

Jul 24 - 2022
Historical Romance

The Road to Ruin

By Bronwyn Stuart

Price: $0.99 $12.99

When the rescue turns into a hostage swap, Daniella finds herself knee-deep in intrigue and adventure that could prove as deadly to her heart as it is to her life.....

Jul 23 - 2022
Historical Romance

The Return of the Heir

By Gerri Russell

Price: $0.99 $4.99

To save her family’s lives, Gwendolyn Harris was forced by a rival clan to steal the legendary Fairy Flag and leave Alastair behind. She and her siblings have been locked in the haunted tower for five years, kept alive only to play a ghost while th....

Jul 22 - 2022
Historical Romance

The Wild Child

By Mary Jo Putney

Price: $0.00 $0.99

She is content to live alone, until the handsome intruder begins to inspire dreams of the world beyond her sanctuary. He understands her as no one else ever has--and because she lives outside society's rules, she sees no need to restrain her desire f....

Jul 21 - 2022
Historical Romance

Pioneer Yearning

By Ramona Flightner

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Cormac Ahern watches his brother’s widow with covetous eyes. Niamh should have been his. From the moment they met, she should have been his. Now, his brother is dead, and he finally has his chance to right the wrongs of the previous few years. Howe....

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