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Jul 11 - 2022

Werewolf of Marines: Semper Lycanus

By Jonathan P. Brazee

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Private First Class Aiden Kaas has enlisted in the Marines for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq at the age of 19, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, h....

Jul 10 - 2022


By Willow Cross

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Drowning in blood lust and surrounded by a sea of monsters she never dreamed existed, can she fulfill the impossible tasks required by the vampire council? They believe she's some savior prophesied centuries before, but she just trying to get through....

Jul 9 - 2022

Berkley Street Series Books 1 – 9: Haunted House and Ghost Stories Collection

By Ron Ripley

Price: $0.99 $9.99

Twenty years ago, the dark force took Shane's family. They vanished within the halls of their shadowy old house. Now, more relatives have gone missing. But a childhood memory stirs in his mind - a long-forgotten encounter with a sinister presence tha....

Jul 8 - 2022

The Zodiac Killer

By WL Knightly

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Detective Darek Blake thought the secrets of his past were long buried, but when a young girl is murdered in a familiar way, finding the killer will not only bring back memories he’s repressed, but give him a golden opportunity to impress the FBI.....

Jul 7 - 2022

The Redwood Asylum

By L.A. Detwiler

Price: $0.99 $3.99

In a thick forest sits a forgotten stone building, The Redwood Asylum. Once inside, the criminally insane, the darkly disturbed, and the eternally confused residents learn one thing very quickly: they are at the mercy of ruthless evil in many forms.....

Jul 6 - 2022

The Ultimate Privilege

By Andrew M Stafford

Price: $0.00 $0.99

On Earth Kathy has fled the scene and it's keeping the police awake at night. And until he finds answers, Robert can't rest either. He plans to return from the dead and confront Kathy face to face. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy of the afterlife has ....

Jul 5 - 2022


By Graham Masterton

Price: $0.99 $19.73

Martin Williams is a broke, two-bit screenwriter living in Hollywood, but when he finds the very mirror that once hung in the house of a murdered 1930s child star, he happily spends all he has on it. He has long obsessed over the tragic story of Boof....

Jul 4 - 2022

The Lost Siren: Rise of the Drakens, Book 1

By Raven Storm

Price: $0.00 $3.99

When the man with wings and scales gave me a second choice—I took it. The others of his kind pin me with hungry eyes, but I’ll do what I must to survive. I'll preside over their Draken Games—and choose a winner every night to share my bed. The ....

Jul 3 - 2022

Rescued By Ghosts

By Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.

Price: $0.99 $2.99

Tim is a survivor. Raised by a toxic mother in a cult, he battled the elders since birth with the help of the supernatural to challenge their tyrannical authority. But when the frenzied zealot’s fear of his protective ghosts drives them to perform ....

Jul 2 - 2022

Every Little Evil

By DC Farmer

Price: $0.00 $0.99

For supernatural investigator Kylah, this is a chance to earn her spurs. But as well as confronting an unsolvable puzzle, she faces hostility in the shape the cynical police officer running the investigation. He doesn’t believe in the occult. He’....

Jun 30 - 2022

The Widow

By D.C. Brockwell

Price: $0.99 $2.99

Entomologist, Aaron Pike is tasked with locating Professor Philip Jackson, a renowned arachnologist, who has gone missing. Aaron’s investigation leads him to Aldwych Station, an abandoned subway beneath the streets of London, where he comes face-to....

Jun 29 - 2022

Nightmare Abbey

By David Longhorn

Price: $0.00 $0.99

As the unsuspecting crew ventures into the hell house, they are beset by one problem after another. Strange noises echo through the halls. Their equipment fails, and ominous shadows surround them. And they soon realize they are not alone in this sini....

Jun 28 - 2022

The Urn (Dracula of the Apes Book 1)

By G. Wells Taylor

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Horvat’s instructions are simple. Dracula’s remains must be stored in a special urn and bathed in blood while en route to South Africa where a mysterious ally will see to his resurrection. But fate steps in off the African coast and a shipwreck c....

Jun 27 - 2022

Closed Campus

By Gayle Katz

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Fearing for my life, my only path of escape runs through the dark, snow-covered campus. But it may be too late to escape the gaping jaws of the walking dead. Will I be able to fight off the zombies and outrun the apocalypse, or will flesh-eating ter....

Jun 26 - 2022

The Revenants

By Mary Hallberg

Price: $0.00 $0.99

The grounds are supposed to be haunted by the people who died in the disaster. But Will doesn’t believe in ghosts, so he’s not too worried about that. His primary concern is getting somewhere with his crush, Piper, who he somehow convinced to com....

Jun 25 - 2022

Isolation: Stories from the World of the Undead

By David Moody

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Keith's in his early twenties. No girlfriend, no hobbies, no future. He spends his days working in an office and his evenings, weekends and just about all his free time looking after his alcoholic dad.....

Jun 24 - 2022

Monsters Under My Bed

By M.J. Marstens

Price: $0.99 $4.99

Fifteen years later and I still have nightmares of the things that used to live under my bed—the diabolical ringleader with fiery red eyes who brought his friends to torment me. Crazy and unhinged, but nothing compared to the one with blazing yello....

Jun 23 - 2022

The Immortal Doc Holliday

By M.M. Crumley

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Lying on his deathbed, Dr. John Holliday was offered a choice; let the tuberculosis finish its work or accept immortality. Doc chose the latter, knowing full well that such "gifts" don't come cheap, but damned if the last two hundred years haven't be....

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