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Jan 19 - 2021

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 800 Quick, Easy & Delicious Recipes with 1000-Day Diet Meal Plan

By Betty K. Billings

Price: $0.99 $3.99

It might look a daunting task trying to cut some food types from your menu for others but don't look at it that way. The anti-inflammatory diet is for your benefit both in the short and long run, and you should commit to it.....

Jan 18 - 2021

Renal Diet Cookbook : A Complete Guide of 200 Low Sodium, Potassium, and Phosphorus Recipes for Every Stage of Kidney Disease to Avoid Dialysis and Reclaim your Health

By Linda Johnson

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Containing an incredible 200 low-sodium, potassium and phosphorous recipes, this detailed cookbook reveals the wonders of the renal diet, arming you with the vital knowledge you need to create a dieting plan that works.....

Jan 17 - 2021

35 Family Favorite Casserole Recipes – The Quick and Easy Casseroles Collection

By Pamela Kazmierczak

Price: $0.00 $2.99

There are a total of 35 different casseroles inside this book. All of these would fall into the category of recipes for dinner, although, the leftovers would be excellent for lunch or brunch the next day.....

Jan 16 - 2021

Japanese Food: Authentic Asian Cooking Japanese Style

By BookSumo Press

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Japanese Food is a complete set of simple but very unique Japanese recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing. So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?....

Jan 15 - 2021

Indian Cookbook: An Indian Cookbook Filled with Authentic Indian Recipes

By BookSumo Press

Price: $0.00 $2.99

The Indian Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Indian recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing. So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?....

Jan 14 - 2021

Canning Cents: The Money-Saving Whole-Foods Canning Handbook

By Stephanie Petersen

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Treat your family and friends to fresh organic produce, whole foods, and healthy choices—at a fraction of the grocery store price! With tons of helpful tips and instructions, Chef Stephanie Petersen walks you through the process of preserving your ....

Jan 13 - 2021

Mediterranean Diet: Easy Illustrated Recipes and Meal Plans for Health, Weight Loss and Increased Energy

By Hearty Press

Price: $0.00 $2.99

This Mediterranean Diet cookbook is your ultimate resource for delicious, healthy recipes. Packed with information about the Mediterranean Diet’s health benefits and staple ingredients, it contains everything you need to start living your healthies....

Jan 12 - 2021

Camping Recipes: Foil Packet Cooking

By Bonnie Scott

Price: $0.00 $2.99

This remarkable cookbook has 100 exciting recipes to cook using only aluminum foil. Includes secrets to folding the foil, along with cooking instructions for campfire coals or campfire grill, outdoor barbecue grill and foil packets in the oven.....

Jan 11 - 2021

30 Minute Meals: Quick and Easy Recipes You Will Love

By Hannah Abedikichi

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Are you tired of slaving away in the kitchen FOR HOURS every time you fix a meal? Cooking for your family, or even for just yourself, can be a hassle. But it can also be very EASY!....

Jan 10 - 2021

Paleo Food List: Paleo Food Shopping List for the Supermarket; Diet Grocery list of Vegetables, Meats, Fruits & Pantry Foods

By Jane Burton

Price: $0.00 $3.89

This Paleo food shopping list gives you easy access to the Paleo diet list quickly. Standing in the shopping aisle not sure what Paleo groceries to put in your trolley can be frustrating and a time waster.....

Jan 9 - 2021

Country Baking Quick Breads and Muffins

By June Kessler

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Quick Breads can be made in minutes, since they do not require the prolonged kneading and lengthy rising and proofing. Instead of yeast, these breads are made with rising agent such as baking powder or baking soda that begins to release gas bubbles t....

Jan 8 - 2021

Easy Dutch Oven Cookbook : 101 Everyday One-Pot Meal Recipes with 8 Ingredients or Less

By Louise Davidson

Price: $0.00 $3.99

This collection of quick and easy Dutch oven meals use fresh, nutritious, and flavorful ingredients. Each recipe has 8 or fewer ingredients, making the meal preparation, a breeze without compromising on flavors!....

Jan 7 - 2021

Handmade Chocolate

By Adi Endevelt

Price: $0.00 $3.99

Enjoy mouth-watering recipes for every kind of candy imaginable! Adi learned to prepare a broad range of quality, handcrafted chocolates with unique textures and surprising flavors. Her candies are created using traditional methods and contain no glu....

Jan 6 - 2021

Dehydrator Cookbook: An Essential Guide to Dehydrating and Preserving Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and Seafood

By Holly Kristin

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Dehydrating foods at home help you choose and customize ingredients. It also ensures that the food is of high quality and free of harmful preservatives and additives.....

Jan 5 - 2021

35 Easy Pasta Recipes – Delicious and Traditional Italian Pasta Dishes

By Pamela Kazmierczak

Price: $0.00 $2.99

This book is all about Italian Pasta Dishes. There are 35 different Italian pasta recipes to choose from in this edition, I am sure you will find something you enjoy!....

Jan 3 - 2021

Low Carb Egg Cookbook: Eggciting Low Carb Egg Recipes

By Megan C. Scott

Price: $0.00 $0.99

You want an eating plan to help you lose weight and burn fat but without crazy calorie counting or slowly starving yourself. Now you can have the best of both worlds - tantalize your tastebuds with delicious and satisfying egg recipes while you shape....

Jan 2 - 2021

Fix-It and Forget-It Big Book of Keto Recipes: 275 Healthy Slow Cooker and Instant Pot Favorites

By Hope Comerford

Price: $1.99 $14.99

Here are tasty breakfasts, easy lunches, healthy dinners, delicious desserts, and even some snacks and hot drinks—many are made in a slow cooker or Instant Pot, with a generous selection of recipes made on the stovetop, in the oven, or on the grill....

Dec 31 - 2020

Cast-Iron Cooking for Two: 75 Quick and Easy Skillet Recipes

By Joanna Pruess

Price: $1.99 $15.99

In Cast-Iron Cooking for Two, Joanna Pruess celebrates the enduring appeal of cast-iron cooking and the countless twosomes who love sharing home-cooked food. Her 75 easy and flavorful recipes feature versatile cast-iron skillets that are the right si....

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