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Aug 23 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Eat Like a Greek: Easy Ways to Try Mediterranean, the Healthiest Diet in the World

By Karen Guttridge

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Easy ways to try the Mediterranean diet by someone who lives there - me! I will show you exactly how the Greeks eat this so-called Mediterranean diet. How and when they eat their fruit and vegetables, nuts and beans. And how they get through an aston....

Aug 22 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Kicking Ass on the Road: The Ultimate Guide for the Solo Woman Traveler: Travel safe, travel cheap & have the time of your life!

By Sunni Dawson

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Thinking of traveling solo? Keen for super fun adventures? Ready to be more independent? Want to meet other amazing people? Welcome to your ultimate guide for going solo and having the time of your life. This book will give you everything you need to....

Aug 21 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Animal Spirit Guides

By Steven D. Farmer

Price: $0.99 $19.99

With each animal listed, you’ll find general meanings of the visitation; practical ways that they can help you as spirit guides; and how, as your power animal, they reflect characteristics that you possess. You’ll also find a "whom-to-call-on" se....

Aug 20 - 2022
Advice and How-To

TurboCoach: A Powerful System for Achieving Breakthrough Career Success

By Brian Tracy & Campbell FRASER

Price: $0.99 $1.49

As one of the world’s most sought-after personal coaches, Brian Tracy has helped transform the lives and careers of countless individuals, unlocking the secrets to greater wealth, professional success, and immeasurable happiness. Now, you can exper....

Aug 17 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Playing the Matrix

By Mike Dooley

Price: $0.99 $9.99

At the heart of the Matrix lies a simple yet highly unexpected concept for creating major life change that’s unlike anything shared by other teachers, past and present. It clearly reveals why “manifesting” sometimes works with incredible ease, ....

Aug 16 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Miracles Now

By Gabrielle Bernstein

Price: $0.99 $9.99

Throughout the book, I share principles from both A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga and meditation. These tools can help you find your connection to your inner strength. When you practice these techniques, fear will melt away, inspiration will ....

Aug 15 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Self-Discipline and Willpower

By Alec Zeit

Price: $0.00 $4.99

In the book "Self-discipline and Willpower" you will encounter tools helping you to recognize your worth and empower yourself. Through mastering the invaluable skills presented in this book, you will have more influence over your decisions, achieveme....

Aug 14 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Cheat Sheets for Life: Over 750 hacks for health, happiness and success

By Ayesha Ratnayake

Price: $0.99 $2.99

The output is Cheat Sheets for Life – a concise handbook of science-backed advice on 17 dimensions of life, from health to money to leadership to relationships.....

Aug 13 - 2022
Advice and How-To

The Power of Self Discipline

By Alec Zeit

Price: $0.00 $4.95

By reading this two-book bundle, you will acquire essential skills that strengthen your will to succeed and increase your levels of self-discipline. You will find out how to keep yourself accountable in collecting your thoughts and focusing your effo....

Aug 12 - 2022
Advice and How-To

The Mental Toughness Handbook

By Damon Zahariades

Price: $0.99 $2.99

You'll learn how to persevere when life become difficult and your circumstances deviate from your plans. You'll discover how to handle pressure, control your impulses, and endure the emotional and psychological distress that accompany misfortune.....

Aug 11 - 2022
Advice and How-To

How Leadership (Actually) Works: A Navy SEAL’s Complete System for Coordinating Teams

By Larry Yatch

Price: $0.99 $15.99

From the largest special ops mission in U.S. history to the biggest boardrooms and smallest classrooms, follow Larry’s journey to discover the missing links between effort and efficacy that will revolutionize how you perceive team success. The work....

Aug 10 - 2022
Advice and How-To

The Science of Getting Rich

By Wallace D. Wattles

Price: $0.00 $4.99

He was a profound influence on Michael Losier and James Arthur Ray. Without Wattles "Science Of" trilogy there never would have been books such as The Secret, The Laws of Attraction, and the Power of Positive Thinking.....

Aug 8 - 2022
Advice and How-To

A Brief Guide to Selling Your Business with Minimum Stress at Maximum Price

By Richard Mowrey

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Selling a business at the right time and at the best price to assure you realize your dreams requires important transactional know-how. And that is exactly what you will find in this well-organized book written by noted business valuation and ownersh....

Aug 7 - 2022
Advice and How-To

The Change Habit

By Ethan A. Freckleton

Price: $0.00 $0.99

In this book, I’m going to give you the tools to turn your unexpected transition into a fulfilling self-transformation. Are you ready to examine the places you’re feeling stuck and create a plan for getting unstuck?....

Aug 6 - 2022
Advice and How-To

The Impact of One Voice: Your Voice, Story, and Message Matters

By Arvee Robinson

Price: $0.99 $15.99

Hidden within these pages is the inspiration you’ve been waiting for to let your inner voice shine. Dive into the inspiring lives of the empowered authors of The Impact of One Voice: Your Voice, Story, and Message Matters as they harness their voic....

Aug 5 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Bite Size Happiness

By Jarl Forsman & Steve Sekhon

Price: $0.00 $9.99

Bite Size Happiness is a compilation of our daily meditations that we distilled down into short, simple ideas. Why? They’re easier to follow and more fun to practice. What can you achieve by reading Bite Size Happiness?....

Aug 4 - 2022
Advice and How-To

What’s Stopping You?

By Jane Cook

Price: $0.00 $6.99

What’s Stopping You? Face Your Fears. Ignite Your Passion. and Activate Your Dreams was written for one purpose and that is to inspire YOU to activate your dreams – to begin. This book and the activation companion course are all about helping you....

Aug 3 - 2022
Advice and How-To

Health Pro Results

By T.C. Hale

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Not only will Tony have you laughing out loud while he reveals the secrets behind how the human body functions, you will also learn how to teach your clients to look at their own body chemistry to understand the underlying causes of a wide variety of....

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