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Jan 22 - 2021
New Adult Romance


By Melody Grace

Price: $0.00 $5.99

Brittany Ray doesn't care about her bad reputation. It's no use hoping for love or happiness. Some dreams aren't meant for girls like her. Hunter Covington is one of those dreams.....

Jan 21 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Right Under My Nose #1

By Ali Parker

Price: $0.00 $0.99

My life couldn’t get any more ridiculous. A few days ago, my son’s teacher wanted to berate me on my parenting style. I politely told her to back off, in so many words. And now? She’s sitting across the table from me at my first blind date in y....

Jan 20 - 2021
New Adult Romance

His Obsession Next Door

By Cathryn Fox

Price: $0.99 $3.99

He left to fight beside my brother, only to come back alone. He’s different now. Harder. A beautifully scarred soul. It does nothing to extinguish the heat between us. I want him. He wants me. Except he’s taken on the role of my protector. I’m ....

Jan 19 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Mr. Big Shot

By S. E. Lund

Price: $0.00 $0.99

I have to give the performance of my life and play an escort to one of Manhattan's hottest young billionaires so I can tell the story to my girlfriends at brunch on Sunday. When the performance starts to feel too real, will I get out with my heart in....

Jan 18 - 2021
New Adult Romance

To Whom it May Concern

By J. S. Cooper

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Savannah Cartner is looking for a job and Wade Hart happens to be looking for an MBA Grad. Still decided to submit an application, Savannah got an interview.....

Jan 17 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Baby Mine

By Kennedy Fox

Price: $0.00 $4.99

But then the unthinkable happens. When my best friend dies in a motorcycle accident, the two of us are left to grieve our loss together. Instead of pushing her away, I pull her closer.....

Jan 16 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Decidedly With Baby

By Stina Lindenblatt

Price: $0.99 $4.99

When Holly Whittaker, wants to blow off a little steam after receiving bad news, hell if I’m saying no. She’s my friend, and friends help friends in need. But sex is never without consequences.....

Jan 15 - 2021
New Adult Romance

No Reservations

By Kate Aster

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Bridget Needham knows first-hand how a Special Ops man can shatter a girl’s heart. She’s still kicking herself over the one that got away… after watching him get down on one knee and propose to someone else.....

Jan 14 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Chasing Xander

By Lexi Lawton

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Kylie is special, and she deserves more. But as his life implodes and his not-so-brilliant plan to take things slow blows up in his face, he's at risk of losing everything—including Kylie. Now he must decide if everything he's been fighting so hard....

Jan 13 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Kissing Lessons

By Stefanie London

Price: $0.99 $3.99

He isn’t here to put down roots, Audrey’s roots are firmly planted—neither of them is looking for love. And maybe that’s just perfect. But in a small town called Kissing Creek, sometimes love can be impossible to avoid.....

Jan 12 - 2021
New Adult Romance


By Mignon Mykel

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Sydney Meadows is finishing up her degree and decides to intern with a casting company. Until she's given an impossible task—get a well-known hockey player, who has very little media presence, to agree to star on a dating show.....

Jan 11 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Doubtless Bay 6-in-1 Collection

By Serenity Woods

Price: $0.99 $9.99

A 6-in-1 collection of the Doubtless Bay series of sizzling friends-to-lovers romances by Serenity Woods.....

Jan 10 - 2021
New Adult Romance


By Gillian Archer

Price: $0.00 $0.99

As a single mom, I don’t have time for men, especially irresponsible tattooed bad boys like my ex. But Austin is hot, and sexy, and stuck here in the cabin with me. I can’t say no to a fling with this bad boy, especially since Austin is so gorgeo....

Jan 9 - 2021
New Adult Romance


By Jeannine Colette

Price: $0.00 $4.99

Everything was going as planned until the night I had a few drinks and accepted a ride home from a friend. A misunderstanding leads to an arrest, and now I'm at the mercy of the one man I can’t stand, and trust me, the feeling is definitely mutual.....

Jan 8 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Starla and the Sheikh

By Livia Lang

Price: $0.99 $2.99

Starla's pop music career has tumbled into the gutter, and she can’t fill stadiums anymore. Now she's alone, ditched by her fans and trapped in her crumbling, beloved mansion. Creditors constantly hound her for money she doesn't have, and if she do....

Jan 7 - 2021
New Adult Romance

Between the Pages

By Amanda Richardson

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Finley finds herself captivated by the enigmatic Emerson. And there's something about Finley that Emerson can't ignore, either. They soon find themselves digging deeper into each other’s lives, and Finley soon uncovers things.....

Jan 6 - 2021
New Adult Romance

The Virginia Chronicles

By Kayt Miller

Price: $0.99 $2.99

College senior Virginia Murray has a problem. She's due to graduate but she refuses to go out into the 'real world' with the stigma as a twenty-one-year-old v-i-r-g-i-n. To remedy the situation, she decides to turn her Senior Research Project into th....

Jan 5 - 2021
New Adult Romance

An American Cinderella

By Krista Lakes

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Aria has a big heart but bigger problems. Her whole life is a mess thanks to her controlling stepmother. But when she's knocked over- literally- by the hottest man she's ever had the pleasure of tangling up her body with, everything changes.....

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