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Nov 17 - 2020
Religion and Spirituality

The Little Book of Magical Stories: Finding Traces of the Divine in Daily Life

By Stephanie Vaccaro

Price: $0.00 $2.99

In this book, Stephanie Vaccaro shares with you 85 delightfully brief, true stories of how the Divine has left messages for her. Some of them were quite serious. Some of them were pretty insightful. And some of them were downright funny. You may alre....

Nov 17 - 2020
Politics and Current Events

Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America

By Karine Jean-Pierre

Price: $2.99 $18.77

An inspiring memoir from Karine Jean-Pierre, Senior Advisor to Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Chief of Staff for VP candidate Kamala Harris, chronicling her path from New York’s Haitian community to working in the Obama White House, and offer....

Nov 17 - 2020
Christian Nonfiction

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus: How the Jewishness of Jesus Can Transform Your Faith

By Ann Spangler & Lois Tverberg

Price: $1.99 $9.99

Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus will change the way you read Scripture and deepen your understanding of the life of Jesus. It will also help you to adapt the rich prayers and customs you learn about to your own life, in ways that both respect and ....

Nov 17 - 2020

Easy Chicken Breast Cookbook: 50 Unique and Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

By BookSumo Press

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Are you ready for a delicious Chicken adventure? We will discover the almost infinite ways of preparing chicken in this amazing cookbook. Italian, Creole, Japanese, and so many others await. These recipes are delicious, unique, and most importantly V....

Nov 17 - 2020

Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos

By M. Mitchell Waldrop

Price: $1.99 $17.99

In a rarified world of scientific research, a revolution has been brewing. Its activists are not anarchists, but rather Nobel Laureates in physics and economics and pony-tailed graduates, mathematicians, and computer scientists from all over the worl....

Nov 17 - 2020
General Nonfiction

Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

By Robert Michael Pyle

Price: $1.99 $9.99

The inspiration for the film The Dark Divide starring David Cross and Debra Messing, one of America’s most esteemed natural history writers takes to the hills in search of Bigfoot—and finds the wildness within ourselves.....

Nov 17 - 2020

Horses Don’t Fly: The Memoir of the Cowboy Who Became a World War I Ace

By Frederick Libby

Price: $1.99 $10.99

From breaking wild horses in Colorado to fighting the Red Baron's squadrons in the skies over France, here in his own words is the true story of a forgotten American hero: the cowboy who became our first ace and the first pilot to fly the American co....

Nov 17 - 2020
Biographies and Memoirs

The Hell I Carry

By Lucas Derion

Price: $0.00 $0.99

It’s funny how a memory has the potential to weasel its way up from the depths of one’s mind and float effortlessly on its surface. We are then forced to re-live the moments we have spent decades burying beneath amicable smiles and a false sense ....

Nov 17 - 2020
Advice and How-To

100 Tips & Tricks to Appear Confident in Presentations: Public Speaking Success in 5 Minutes or Less

By Diane Windingland

Price: $0.99 $3.99

Complete with illustrated tips, 100 Tips & Tricks will help you learn quick techniques (most no more than 5 minutes long to apply) to appear confident in presentations, to help you to act confidently, and ultimately to help you feel more confiden....

Nov 17 - 2020
Middle Grade

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

By Liz Kessler

Price: $0.00 $5.99

For as long as she can remember, twelve-year-old Emily Windsnap has lived on a boat. And, oddly enough, for just as long, her mother has seemed anxious to keep Emily away from the water. But when Mom finally agrees to let her take swimming lessons, E....

Nov 17 - 2020

Crabby the Crab

By Dr. Mc

Price: $0.00 $1.99

Adventures of Crabby the Crab and his little sisters will deliver an important moral and message to both older and younger children while providing entertainment for the whole family. You will also enjoy lovely, bright and soft illustrations.....

Nov 17 - 2020
Teen and Young Adult

The Dragon Lady

By Angelique S. Anderson

Price: $0.00 $3.95

A clockwork dragon sidekick with an attitude. Ancient powerful magic that could destroy humanity. Handsome love-interests, and evil villains. For Wylie Petford, being half-dragon could have its perks.....

Nov 17 - 2020

She Wore Mourning

By P.D. Workman

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Declan’s death has been ruled an accident, but his grandmother thinks there is more to it. She fears Declan’s mother will not be able to find peace until Zachary can give them an answer once and for all. But as Private Investigator Zachary Goldma....

Nov 17 - 2020

Off Leash

By Daniel Potter

Price: $0.00 $2.99

We all have bad days. Ever have one so bad that it changes your entire life? For Thomas Khatt that day was today. From one moment jobless to the next being awakened into a brand new form. Now he has a murder to help solve, a girlfriend to help with f....

Nov 17 - 2020
Science Fiction

Titan’s Plague: The Trial

By Tom Briggs

Price: $0.00 $0.99

Outside the rings of Saturn, Pati Lynch commanded a prison ship mining ice. Her crew mutinied, they tried to kill her, and she was the last one left standing. Now, she stands trial for their murder.....

Nov 17 - 2020

Dead in the Garden

By Dahlia Donovan

Price: $0.00 $2.99

All grown up and graduated, Valor Tarquin Scott owns The Ginger’s Bread in Grasmere in the Lake District. The love of his life, Bishan Tamboli, has turned his music studies into a successful career. It’s a perfect life with their cat, spending ev....

Nov 17 - 2020
Literary Fiction

I Always Loved You

By Robin Oliveira

Price: $1.99 $11.99

The young Mary Cassatt never thought moving to Paris after the Civil War to be an artist was going to be easy, but when, after a decade of work, her submission to the Paris Salon is rejected, she is beginning to doubt herself. Then one evening a frie....

Nov 17 - 2020
Christian Fiction

A Season to Dance

By Patricia Beal

Price: $0.00 $2.99

Everyone has a dream. A passion. You work hard, you get there. Right? But what if you don't get there? Despair? It happens... Then what? Give up? Try harder? What if all this time, you've been going after the wrong dreams? What if the best part of li....

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