Last Updated: May 3rd, 2021

Featured Preview Article Submission Guidelines.

Submission Requirements

For us to consider your submission for a featured preview article, your title must meet the following:

  • Be available on at least one of these platforms, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Apple, and Kobo.
  • Be a full-length book. Your book must be at least 125 pages, with the exception of Children’s, non-fiction, and cookbooks.
  • The book must not already have a preview article made in the past.
  • The submission must include all the required information in the submission form.
  • The information submitted must be accurate.

Submission Recommendations

To help you get the most out of this preview article, please check out below to learn more about how to secure the heart of potential readers.

  • Attention-grabbing cover.
  • Attractive book title.
  • Curiosity inducing description.
  • Professionally formatted excerpt.
  • A well balanced excerpt with good a good hook and cliffhanger.
  • Professional author bio for readers to learn more about the creator.
  • Links to follow the author.

Terms of Service

Information Accuracy:

  • The submitter will be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. If information about the book is inaccurate, we will not be responsible. We can update the article for you, but we cannot guarantee a refund.
  • All corrections or adjustments to the article should be provided within 2-3 days after the submission. If corrections or adjustments to the article are not provided, we will not be responsible. We can update the article for you afterwards, but we cannot guarantee a refund.

Cancel a Featured Preview Article Creation:

  • Please notify us at least 1-2 days after you submitted your submission for a complete cancellation.
  • Not paying the invoice will also result in a cancellation.
  • After the article goes live, we cannot guarantee a refund or a cancellation.

Article Takedown:

Dango Books retains the rights to remove your article from our website if any of (but not limited to) the listed situation occurs:

  • Broken links.
  • Book has been unpublished.
  • Failure to respond to our information update request, such as for fixing broken links, etc.

Need More Help?

You can learn more about our service from our FAQs page or you can contact us directly.