There’s something about the start of a new year that feels like a fresh start. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the future. If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, one area you can focus on is becoming more disciplined. Reading during the new year is a great way to set the stage for success. It is because a well-chosen book can help you develop new perspectives, gain knowledge and skills, and get motivated to start the year off on the right foot. Reading can also inspire creativity and drive personal growth while promoting relaxation and helping relieve stress.

A good book has the potential to open up new doors of opportunity and spark a renewed passion for pursuing your goals. So pick up a book this New Year and start unlocking your potential! Here are 10 books worth checking out to kickstart your new year:

Make Lasting Changes : The Science of Sustainable Behavior Change and Reaching Your Goals

by Peter Hollins

Genre: Advice and How-To

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make meaningful life changes. It gives readers the tools they need to develop practical habits, break old patterns, and build positive new behaviors. The book helps readers identify their motivations and gain clarity on their goals, as well as provides helpful strategies for adopting healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining consistent motivation levels. Additionally, it recognizes the importance of self-care by identifying practical solutions for managing stress and finding inner peace. Overall, this book will provide readers with the opportunity to make lasting changes in their lives that will help them reach their full potential.

The Shower Habit: 10 Steps To Increase Energy, Boost Confidence and Achieve Your Goals Without Waking Up Earlier

by Stephanie Ewing

Genre: Advice and How-To

This book offers an innovative approach to achieving long-term goals and increased productivity. This book provides readers with a comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of each day by starting with a shower habit and applying principles of goal-setting, focus, and self-discipline. Readers can learn how to break old patterns and start building effective habits that will help them stay motivated, increase their energy levels, boost their confidence, and reach their desired outcomes. Additionally, the book recognizes the importance of self-care – offering advice on how to manage stress levels in order to achieve greater success. All in all, The Shower Habit will provide readers with tangible strategies they need to reach their goals without having to wake up earlier!

Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

by Martin Meadows

This is a must-read for anyone looking to boost their self-confidence and overcome their limiting beliefs. This book provides readers with both practical strategies and proven methods for developing healthy belief systems and self-assurance. With insights into how our minds work, Martin Meadows helps readers understand the psychology behind our beliefs and how we can use it to our advantage. Additionally, this book offers advice on how to stop negative thought patterns, cultivate new perspectives, and turn fear into opportunity. All in all, Confidence is an essential guide that will help you create your own lasting transformation!

The Power of Goals: The Secret to Getting Everything You Want (Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible) 

by Daniel J. Martin

Genre: Self Help

This is the perfect guide for anyone looking to fast-track their way to success! Through this book, readers will learn the power of setting goals and cultivating a growth mindset that will help them get what they want faster than ever before. This book offers actionable advice on how to design achievable goals, create healthy habits, and use powerful visualization techniques to maximize their results.

Additionally, Daniel J. Martin shares his own inspiring stories of success so readers can take inspiration from his own journey. All in all, The Power of Goals is an invaluable read that can help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible!

Writing A Vision Statement and Setting Goals: Step-by-Step Strategies for Reaching Your Dreams 

by Lisa Shea

Genre: Self Help

This is the perfect guidebook for anyone looking to create a powerful vision statement and achieve their dreams. In this book, readers will learn step-by-step strategies on how to set achievable goals, craft an effective vision statement, and leverage their skills to reach new heights.

Besides, Lisa Shea provides invaluable insight into goal-setting techniques, such as SMART goals, and the importance of breaking long-term goals into smaller milestones. Ultimately, Writing A Vision Statement and Setting Goals is an essential read that can help you build your own successful future!

Acts of Achievers: 4 Simple Self Help Habits That Will Change Your Life And Help You Create Success Faster

by Ola Adisa

This is an inspiring and insightful guide to transforming your life through the power of self-help habits. Through four core strategies—Reframing, Reprogramming, Recharging and Releasing—this book provides readers with the skills they need to change their lives and create success faster. With simple step-by-step guidance, this book helps readers identify the bad habits that are holding them back and replace them with positive habits that will help them reach their goals.

After reading this book, you’ll learn practical advice on creating a streamlined system for achieving success, building lasting motivation and maintaining positive momentum no matter where you are on your journey.

100 Days of Self-Exploration

by Amy J Blake

This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to discover more about themselves and achieve self-fulfillment. This book provides readers with a comprehensive guide to mindful self-reflection and encourages them to explore new possibilities through daily prompts and activities. In addition, Amy J Blake offers insight into how self-discovery can help us understand our purpose in life, build better relationships, and stay motivated along our journey. With this book as their companion, readers can set off on their quest for personal growth and find greater happiness within.

Awaken To Your True Self: Why You’re Still Stuck and How To Break Through

by Andrew Daniel

This is a powerful guide to help readers discover their hidden potential and break through mental barriers. This book provides insight into why we are held back in our lives, offering practical steps to unlock our true self and transform our lives. Readers can learn how to manage stress, connect with their inner voice, and embrace their innate gifts so they can become unstoppable on their journey toward success. With this inspiring book as their companion, readers can move forward with greater confidence and clarity on the path of transformation.

How To Set Goals with Kaizen and Ikigai : Focus, Cure Procrastination & Increase Personal Productivity

by Anthony Raymond

You can learn how to set achievable goals and become more productive with your time. The book introduces the concepts of Kaizen and Ikigai as powerful tools for planning and achieving success. Through guidance on using these Japanese philosophies, readers can gain clarity on what they want in life, eliminate distractions, focus on long-term goals, reduce procrastination, increase work productivity, and reach their desired outcomes. As an added bonus, this guide also provides exercises to help support personal growth and development.

Self-Discipline and Willpower: Declutter Your Mind, Unleash Your Potential and Become The Best Version of Yourself Through The Power of Self-Discipline

by Alec Zeit

This is an empowering book that shows how to transform your life by mastering self-discipline. Through the power of discipline, readers can declutter their minds, unleash their potential, and become the best version of themselves. This book contains practical advice on how to develop strong willpower and keep motivation high. It outlines strategies for developing mental toughness, creating achievable goals, managing emotions effectively, and sticking to long-term objectives even in times of difficulty. With this guide, readers can learn how to master self-discipline in order to create a happy and successful life.

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