Our Mission.

Simplify readers’ journey to find their next best read.

Our Believes.

Escapism is a Necessity.

We believe escapism is a wonderful necessity, and this has never been more true than it is today. The escapism of which we speak allows you to be transported to faraway places without having to leave your sofa and enables you to feel that you’re anywhere but your living room; and it’s found primarily through books.

Pause Reality.

Reading has this fantastic effect of allowing us to pause reality and enter a new world full of boundless possibilities; one where we can experience unlimited perspectives, untapped emotions, and inspiring ideas. These literary experiences often have the added benefit of enabling us to take on reality with a little more empathy each time we put down a book.

Our Design Inspiration.

Japanese Minimalism.

Less is more, inspired by the minimalist aesthetics. Dango Books strives to bring simple aesthetics to every aspect of our brand designs. In addition, we keep the spirit of minimalism in mind throughout all of our newsletter experiences. That way, we can help our readers to focus on discovering more books to explore.

Japanses Dango.

Dango is a year-round snack that consists of three to five rice-flour dumplings served on a skewer. Served with green tea, it’s simple and sweet, yet perfect as can be—the very essence of Japanese minimalism.

dango and green tea