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Yes! We have a private Facebook group called Dango Books Community for all subscribers to connect and chat about books. You can join using the link at the bottom of any Dango Books newsletter.

Heavily discounting ebooks to the point of free is a standard practice for publishers and authors to get more exposure in the publishing industry.

Our newsletter is entirely free. We stay in business through various ways, like our partner program with authors, our affiliate program with retailers, and our merchandise shop, where you can support us by purchasing our Dango Book Swags.

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Currently, we do not, but audiobook deals are definitely on our to-do list.

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Unfortunately, our email service provider currently does not support segmenting our readers by time zone. We are looking into other potential solutions, and we will make changes as soon as we find one that works.

Unfortunately, our newsletter is for U.S. readers only, but as we expand, the United Kingdom and Canada will be on the top of our to-do list.

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