Could this year get even more insane? We’re already approaching the last quarter of the year, but where did all the time go? This year has got all of us always on our toes; waiting to see what’s going to happen next and wishing it will all end already. There’s no better time to reach out to the people we love and show them that they are in our thoughts than now. So, how about sending them a book as a gift? Let’s save you all the research you have to do to find the best book to give.

Here are the six best books to give as a gift this year:

Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community

Authored by the Born This Way Reporters in coordination with Lady Gaga, Channel Kindness is a compilation of 51 stories about acts of kindness. From stories of overcoming mental stigma to coming out stories, this book is loaded with a ton of love and positivity. It shows how kindness towards ourselves and others, no matter how big or small, can create positive change.

In an interview, Gaga mentions that the book was created to uplift communities and inspire hope in each of us. She hopes that the book will inspire its readers to do little acts of kindness too.

What better book to give during these trying times than Channel Kindness. It’s what we all need to read to remember that there is still a lot of good in this world.

Channel Kindness Book Cover


By Frank Herbert

Dune is having a major come back in our book list this year now that we know that Denis Villeneuve’s is creating his own adaptation. We’re excited beyond words! An all-time classic, the science fiction that helped start it all, Dune. It’s definitely worth reading before the movie’s debut in December.

Set in a fantasy universe, millennia’s away in the future, Dune tells the story of Paul Atreides, heir of the noble family tasked as the steward of Arrakis. Arrakis is the sole source of the universe’s most prized drug, a ‘spice called melange that is known to extend one’s life and enhance consciousness. The story sets off when the Atreides house is betrayed. Paul then starts an uprising against their rival house, Harkonnen.

Dune by Frank Herbert Cover

Exciting Times

By Naoise Dolan

Exciting Times is an intelligently, effortlessly written story of Ava as she flies from Dublin to Hong Kong to teach English to wealthy local children. She then befriends Julian, a wealthy English banker. Broke and lonely, she moves in with Julian. Julian starts paying for everything, and they start getting into a more intimate relationship. Things start getting complicated when Julian is sent to London for a few months for work. While Julian is away, Ava falls for a young, ambitious lawyer, Edith. But Julian is coming back soon, and Ava still has some figuring out to do.

It’s a fun, easy read, especially for someone who’s lived abroad as well!

Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan Cover

How to Break Up with Fast Fashion

By Lauren Bravo

How to Break Up with Fashion is a book guide for all men and women who buy clothes. Whether you’re a crazy high street chain spender or just a regular Jane who likes clothes in general, this book is for you! It contains thought-provoking insights on how our fashion and shopping choices impact society and the planet. It’s fashion minimalism, and consumerism told in a more engaging and fun way! It’s non-pretentious and personal.

In the end, you’ll for sure look at the fast fashion scene from an all-new perspective. Ethical and sustainable shopping should be the only trend you should follow.

How to Break Up with Fast Fashion Cover

Clap When You Land

By Elizabeth Acevedo

Caution: This book is sooo good and sooo heartbreaking.

Clap When You Land is a story about two sisters, Yahaira and Camino, who live in such different worlds. Yahaira is a teenager who lives in New York, and Camino is an aspiring doctor who lives with her aunt in the Dominican Republic. They didn’t know of each other’s existence until their dad dies from a plane crash as he was flying from New York to the Dominican Republic to visit Camino. Their worlds crumble and collide all at the same time as family secrets are revealed and they get to know each other.

There are so many elements to this book (grief, loss, social class, poverty, sexual harassment, stalking etc.). and it’s impressive how Acevedo has sown it all together to come up with this masterpiece!

Clap When You Land Cover

How To Be an Antiracist

By Ibram X. Kendi

A great book to give as a gift to a racist friend so they can be enlighted, illuminated and so they can stop being one. Just Kidding. Not really. If you do end up giving this to a non-racist friend, give them a disclaimer and tell them that you’re giving them this book because it is eye-opening and thought-provoking.

We especially love how the book was extensively researched but also touches a lot of personal and family history.

How To Be an Antiracist Cover

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