Technology is simply amazing! From letters to emails, telephones to mobile phones, and books to eBooks, the innovations are never-ending!

In 1971, Michael S. Hart, an American author, invented the electronic book format or eBook. Ebooks conveniently enable anyone to purchase and access books and other text-based information virtually. It’s no question how remarkable this evolution of books has become!

Hart’s Project Gutenberg made available American domain texts for free to everyone around the world. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became a global phenomenon. The general public was hooked with the possibility of having your favorite books and magazines pulled out from your pocket via mobile devices!


There are already many websites that offer ebooks that cost more than a fraction of a traditional paper book’s price. You pay them directly online, download, and there you have it. You can read offline and enjoy reading anytime, anywhere.

It’s a game-changer!

Now, more and more authors and publications are made available online for free, which is a whole lot cheaper and a great solution to save trees, right?

If you want to know where to download free eBooks, here are the top 7 websites that gives away free pdf books and the eBook formats:

Dango Books is hands down the best source for eBooks ever! How come? Because this is our website and we can say whatever we want! Kidding! Not really. We really think we are though. At Dango Books, we offer free and bargain priced ebooks delivered straight to your inbox once you sign up. Inspired by Japanese Minimalism, our mission is simple: to simplify your reading journey by providing you with well-curated, personalized reading lists so you save time and money!

Overdrive is one of the easiest digital book websites to navigate. Here you can find millions of books in the online library that you can borrow and read for free. Aside from ebooks, they also have a variety of available audiobooks. You can download available apps online like Libby and Sora on your mobile phone for a better reading experience!

Bookboon offers a wide range of high-quality free pdf books that you can download on any device. The website provides professional, exclusive access to learning materials made by professionals to help students improve academically.

Project Gutenberg, as we previously mentioned, was the project started by the inventor of ebooks, Michael S. Hart. It’s still up and running today with the help of volunteers and fundraisers that continuously support this project. This website contains several available free ebooks for download in EPUB and MOBI formats and can be read online in HTML format.

For a massive collection of free ebooks, you can check out Feedbooks to search for your favorite book. From its name, feed yourself with books, including new releases and the best collection of original and public domain books, and enjoy reading them on any device: smartphones, mobile phones, and dedicated readers.

Open Library is a website that offers an editable library catalog to search all available ebooks on the internet easily. This project allows every person universal access to knowledge through this digital platform. Here, you will surely be amazed by how many choices you have for online reading. It’s literally like a modern library at the palm of your hands.

DigiLibraries offers a growing selection of electronic books in different formats. It was created by readers for readers, making it an excellent community for readers alike. Books are guaranteed to be high-quality to make sure your online reading experience is fast and convenient. The books are entirely FREE to download, so you don’t have to worry you’ll break the bank!

The options for ebooks are endless! With so many free sources online, you are sure to get unlimited access to novels, fiction books, and learning books without cluttering your home and spending a fortune. It’s also such a big difference to see that children nowadays don’t need to carry loads of books back and forth from school each day, and not having to worry about missing or losing a book at all. Its portability advantage has indeed turned our lives a little easier.

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