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A Dango Books Partner (DBP) Featured Preview Article will allow more readers to discover & sample your book. This is the perfect way for authors to start building SEO for their books!

How Big Is Your Online Presence?

For a flat rate of $10 (or two bags of 9oz chips), we can help you create a beautiful preview article for your book today. From reader magnets, first book in the series, to new releases, see below on how a preview article can help you build your online discoverability.

1. The Power of Sampling.

Want to boost reader confidence and entice readers to buy your book? Well, product sampling can help you achieve just that. Before any readers commit their money and time to explore a new book or series, they like to know what to expect.

Our beautifully designed book preview article will display all the attractive elements of your book and will help your potential readers get a taste of your book, leaving them wanting more.

Let’s leverage the power of sampling today!

2. Stop Overprotecting Your Book.

Are you doing your book a disservice by locking them up in a castle? Overprotecting your book will limit its chance of being discovered by more readers.

With a book preview, you can give readers an additional way to discover your precious book or series. It allows your book and the author’s information more exposure in places other than just your retailer’s website.

Let your book go outside today!

3. Another Way To Share.

Sharing is caring; this is especially true if your book is a newborn as it requires more attention. While you can share your retailer’s product page, that page also includes many distractions. All the competing books and biased reviews will reduce the overall attention a potential reader can give to your book.

To solve that problem, sharing a book preview article will give your book all the attention it deserves, inviting potential readers to get lost in your story. No distractions; it’s just your book and your book only.

Give your book the attention it deserves!

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